What is an urgent dentist?

An urgent dentist is a dental professional that offers twenty-four hour appointments to people who have suffered an accident or may be having problems with an on-going condition like gum disease; they are normally available every hour of every day and tend to be better known as emergency dentists. The best thing about this kind of service is that it can offer the right treatment to patients who have specific dental problems rather than medical ones; if you have injured your teeth and you have no other complaints that would need to be seen by a doctor then you would be better off visiting the emergency clinic instead of the hospital because you are more likely to get the right treatment in a shorter space of time. Although doctors and nurses can certainly be helpful with medical problems, they won’t have the expertise to deal with dental problems like chipped enamel or root infections. Furthermore, they are likely to have more serious situations to be focusing on with patients who could possibly have life-threatening illnesses.

In general, you won’t need to be registered with a particular clinic if you do have an accident and you need to see a dentist at short notice; most emergency dentists will open their doors to both registered and unregistered patients to make sure that everyone has access to care when they need it. Most patients will be registered with a regular dentist that they attend for check-ups and other maintenance and not all clinics will offer emergency appointments, so it’s reassuring to know that there is help available even if your own dentist can’t help immediately.

If you have just moved house or you are thinking about changing dentists, it’s a good idea to consider surgeries that can offer all types of dental care so that every angle is covered. The Pearl Dental Clinic can provide every kind of dentistry; including regular care for registered patients, cosmetic treatments to improve your smile, and twenty-four hour emergency appointments to help in case you damage your teeth and need urgent assistance. There is always someone available to take your call at this London surgery, so get in touch today to make a booking.

What should I do if I have an accident?

If you injure yourself or suffer dental trauma, the first thing you should do is try to remain calm; this might be easier said than done when you are experiencing pain but it really can help the situation if you are able to step back and take a few moments to decide what to do. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it can sometimes be difficult to decide if you should be going to the hospital or to the dentist, so it could help to speak to a professional over the phone before making a decision; most emergency dentists will operate a twenty-four hour phone line to offer advice and support to patients. These lines are not usually free to call but they can be vital when it comes to pointing people in the right direction for the appropriate treatment.

The best way to secure a positive outcome after a dental emergency has developed is to make sure you are heading to the right place for treatment; your two basic options are the emergency clinic and hospital. Let’s take a look at some typical emergency situations that dentists will encounter regularly;

Broken teethIt’s obvious that this kind of situation requires immediate dental treatment and you need to get to the dentist’s office as soon as you can to get the damage repaired – if broken teeth are not rebuilt and the inner pulp protected in good time then the problem could become more serious. All dentists will try to save a healthy tooth wherever possible, but this cannot always be achieved if the damage is extensive and infection is likely to occur.

ToothacheNot everyone will consider toothache to be a symptom of a dental emergency but it can be severely debilitating if it is not dealt with when it first occurs – even causing problems with eating and sleeping in some cases. Toothache is typically the result of decay or disease and there’s really no reason why you should put up with it for too long before seeking treatment.

AbscessesAbscesses are a form of infection that can affect the inner structure of the teeth and also the outer soft tissue in the mouth; they should be drained and excised as soon as possible to prevent the condition from becoming more aggressive. Although small abscesses should be fairly easy to deal with, larger ones can be very painful and could require surgical intervention to treat them effectively.

Enamel damage – Although enamel chips and scratches are not normally painful or particularly dangerous to the health of the teeth, they will almost certainly change the appearance of the teeth and this is not something most people want to put up with for very long. The dentist should be able to fix such damage quite easily using composite bonding material or porcelain veneers and as long as the chips don’t penetrate down into the root there shouldn’t be too many problems with recovery.

Basically, if you feel that you are in an unacceptable amount of pain or you don’t like the way your teeth look after being damaged, then you should contact an emergency dentist and get the problem seen to straight away. A dental emergency doesn’t have to be incredibly painful for you to seek treatment; there is someone available twenty-four hours a day to help with all kinds of conditions.

If you start to experience associated symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, and high fever, you should be going to the hospital instead of the dentist’s office; these are all signs of blood poisoning and this needs to be treated as soon as possible because it can become life-threatening as it gets more aggressive. Of course, this is a worst case scenario but it is something to be aware of if you suffer with gum disease or you develop an infection.

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